Relay Elementary School History

Historic Relay Elementary School

Relay Elementary school is unique.  Three out of four of the original structures that housed the school are still standing.  

Original One-Room Relay Schoolhouse

The original Relay Elementary School is located at 1548 South Rolling Road, in the heart of Relay's Historic District.  It was built in 1864 and served as a one-room school house for the community.  Retired Relay Library Media Specialist, Linda Stevenson, resides in this building today.  The names of past Relay students can still be seen, etched in the glass windowpanes of the structure.  

Relay Children's Center

As the population of the area grew, Relay Elementary grew with it and moved to its second location in 1920.  This building still stands and is currently home to the Relay Children's Center, a pre-school and before/after-care program.

Third Relay Elementary School, Demolished in 2017James F. Skarbek Stained Glass Memorial Window

The third location  of Relay Elementary is the only former structure no longer standing.  Built in 1965, it was home to Relay students for a long time; 50 years to be exact.  This building was also home to the original James F. Skarbek Memorial Library.  James F. Skarbek was a beloved Relay principal who worked tirelessly  in the service of educating "youngsters" until his death in 2004.  The stained glass hanging in the old library, as well as the stained glass adorning the original entrance to the third school, were transferred to the new school and are currently on display in the latest home of the James F. Skarbek Library Media Center.   

Current Relay Elementary School

Our current building is the fourth reincarnation of the school, hence the term "Relay 4.0!"  The newest building was officially dedicated in the fall of 2018.  This state-of-the-art structure is home to over 700 students.  We look forward to many years of laughter and learning in our newest home.